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What’s the best 18650 lithium battery pack?
What’s the best 18650 lithium battery pack?

What's the best 18650 lithium battery pack?

18650 lithium battery pack is a kind of finished lithium battery assembled by different numbers of 18650 lithium battery cells through protective circuit board through battery manufacturing process. The most important parts of 18650 lithium battery are: 18650 cell, protection circuit board (usually called PCM board) and battery assembly process line.

1. 18650 electric core

18650 electric core refers to a cylindrical electric core with a diameter of 18mm and a length of 65m.

2. Protection circuit board


IC: control

MOS: switch

NTC: negative temperature coefficient resistance

ID: identifiable resistance

Fuse / PTC: fuse for protection

3. Battery process line

With the continuous development of pack technology and the continuous improvement of connection mode, from the original wire soldering process to nickel chip soldering process, then to nickel chip spot welding process, then to the current laser spot welding process, it is constantly developing and improving, and the requirements for battery production process line are increasingly high. A mature professional process line is an important part of lithium battery production.

So what kind of 18650 lithium battery pack is the best? From the above introduction, we can draw the following conclusions:

1. High quality 18650 electric core

A good 18650 lithium battery pack should be composed of first-line brand cells, and a qualified and stable supplier is required to provide a single battery with good performance. The single battery can be used after passing a series of safety tests and performance tests. Only in this way can the 18650 lithium battery pack pass the standard of quality and assemble a high-quality lithium battery pack. At present, the high-quality high-brand electric core includes Sony, Panasonic, Lishen, LG, Samsung, vapcell, GEB, etc.

2. Connect high quality protection circuit board

A good protection board should have the functions of over charge protection, over discharge protection, over current protection, short circuit protection, temperature protection, internal resistance, power consumption, etc. So when we choose, we should also choose big brands and high-quality protection boards to ensure the safety of lithium batteries.

3. Production in mature and professional process line

For 18650 lithium battery pack, a high-quality process line is essential. Only with advanced equipment, high-tech workers, mature management mode and strict production requirements, can 18650 lithium battery pack be produced without omission in welding, testing, aging, pre shipment testing and other important links.

Geb adopts first-line brand cell, has a stable and innovative research and development team of lithium battery module system, completes product definition according to customer needs, and provides one-stop system solutions with complete technical categories such as industrial design, structural design, process design, electronic circuit design and software design. Geb can provide the best 18650 lithium battery pack according to customers' needs.

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