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What should I pay attention to when assembling lithium iron phosphate batteries by myself?
What should I pay attention to when assembling lithium iron phosphate batteries by myself?

What should I pay attention to when assembling lithium iron phosphate batteries by myself? Here's how to assemble the electronics.

Lithium battery assembly method:

  • Select the appropriate cell, cell type, voltage and internal resistance for matching. Please balance the batteries before assembly. Cut electrodes and punch holes.
  • Calculate the distance according to the hole and cut the insulating plate.
  • Install the screws. Please use flange nuts to prevent the nuts from falling off. Once the screws are connected, the battery pack can be secured.
  • When connecting the welding line, when connecting the voltage collection line (balance line), do not connect an external protection board to avoid accidental burnout of the protection board.
  • Fix the insulating silicone again. This silicone will solidify over time.
  • Place the protection board. If you forgot to balance the battery earlier, this is your last chance before assembling the battery. You can balance it with a balance line. Be sure to understand some technologies, because to choose a suitable battery block, the internal resistance should not be too large, and the parameters should not be too different.

Considering the choice of the charging board, it is not recommended to try without a certain foundation, there is a danger of explosion.

The lithium battery pack should be waterproof and insulated, and the batteries should be neatly arranged to facilitate future maintenance.

After the newly assembled lithium battery pack has been used for a period of time, it is necessary to check the voltage of the batteries in groups. The internal resistance of the battery before welding, the current and voltage error does not exceed 0.05V, to prevent overshoot and overdischarge.

Generally speaking, the safety problems of lithium iron phosphate batteries during the assembly process are manifested as burning or even explosion. The root cause of these problems is thermal runaway inside the battery, so non-professionals recommend against assembling lithium batteries without authorization.


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