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What is an electric bike?
What is an electric bike?

An electric bicycle is, first and foremost, a bicycle. It uses the same designs, geometries, and components as any other bicycle, but also includes an added electric motor. This is fueled by a rechargeable battery, which gives riders an extra boost of power and ultimately provides a smoother, more convenient, and less strenuous cycling experience. By eliminating many of the obstacles that keep people from cycling—obstacles such as headwinds, steep hills, and bike commutes that leave riders tired, messy, and sweaty—electric bikes help make the freedom, exhilaration, and satisfaction of cycling available and accessible to a wide range of potential cyclists.

The idea of creating an electric bike has intrigued cyclists since the late 1800s, when several American inventors experimented with the possibility of combining the potential power of electric motors with the simple mechanics of the bicycle. It wasn’t until the technological advancements of the 20th and 21st centuries, however, that this idea finally became a viable reality. With lightweight motors, high efficiency rechargeable batteries, smoothly shifting drivetrains, and huge advances in bicycle components, today’s electric bikes provide a way for cyclists of all ages, fitness levels, and physical needs to enjoy the benefits of cycling, whether it’s a leisure ride, a workout, or part of a daily commute.For many, electric bikes are an attractive alternative to both conventional bicycles and traditional automobiles, providing an environmentally friendly, fun, efficient, and convenient way to travel.

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