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What are the reasons that affect the price of lithium batteries?
What are the reasons that affect the price of lithium batteries?


The battery cell is the basis of the lithium-ion battery, and its price directly determines the price of the lithium-ion battery. The safety factor, working temperature, cycle times, etc. of the cells of different material systems are different, and the prices are also different. The battery material system includes potassium manganate, lithium cobaltate, lithium titanate, lithium iron carbonate, etc.

2.Lithium-ion battery protection board

The characteristics of the lithium-ion battery itself determine that it must be used with a battery protection board or a battery management system, otherwise there is a high risk of explosion, damage or shortened life. The quality and price of the battery protection board also has an important impact on the price of lithium-ion batteries.


Lithium-ion battery shells can be divided into three materials: metal, plastic and PVC heat sealing. The shell prices of different materials are also different, which affects the final selling price of lithium-ion batteries. Metal housings can be subdivided into many different metal materials. If it is a special metal material or has a waterproof level requirement, the price will be higher. Plastic shells have different requirements for materials, processes, and three defenses, and their prices are also different. PVC heat sealing is suitable for the case where the number of series cells is small and the overall weight is relatively light.

4.Excipients and process

The accessories and manufacturing process of a lithium-ion battery also affect its price. Common accessories include conventional nickel sheets, jumper sheets, copper-nickel composite sheets, formed nickel sheets, special plugs and other connectors. The cost of accessories varies and will also affect the final pricing of lithium-ion batteries. The assembly process of the lithium-ion battery also affects the price. The higher the craftsmanship, the higher the price.

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