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What are the important uses of energy storage batteries?
What are the important uses of energy storage batteries?

The advantages of energy storage batteries are as follows:

(1) Voltage regulation (regulated voltage)

Since the working characteristics of solar cells are affected by changes in sunlight (irradiation) intensity, temperature and other factors, if the solar cell components are directly connected to the load, the load is often difficult to work in the best working state, and the system efficiency is very low. However, when the battery is used as an energy storage battery, it clamps the operating voltage of the solar cell. Convert it into a solar battery to charge the energy storage battery, and the energy storage battery supplies the load (especially the voltage) smoothly, ensuring that the system operates at its best.

(2) Provide instantaneous high current discharge

The use of solar photovoltaic systems is expanding, especially off-grid solar photovoltaic systems. After entering thousands of households, it will be used as a starting power source for household appliances such as refrigerators (compressors), electric vehicles, and motors. Because such electromechanical equipment requires a large current to start, the starting current is often 5 to 10 times the rated working current. It is difficult for photovoltaic cell arrays to meet the requirements of starting current. If a battery is used, a large current can be supplied to the load and the load can be started instantly.

(3) Store electrical energy

In most off-grid photovoltaic systems, the voltage and current of the array of photovoltaic cells (solar panels) cannot be exactly the same as the load (consumer). Especially when natural conditions change, it is very necessary to use energy storage batteries to store energy in photovoltaic systems.

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