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There are several types of electric vehicle batteries
There are several types of electric vehicle batteries

Lead-acid batteries
The electrodes of lead-acid batteries (VRLA) are mainly made of lead and its oxides, and the electrolyte is sulfuric acid solution. The advantages of lead-acid batteries for electric vehicles are low price, large capacity, and low maintenance costs. However, they are relatively large and will cause environmental pollution if they are not disposed of in time after being discarded.
lithium battery
Lithium batteries are batteries that use non-aqueous electrolyte solutions. Lithium ions are removed and inserted during discharging and lithium ions are inserted during charging. Lithium batteries for electric vehicles have high storage energy density and can withstand higher power. They also have the advantages of light weight, environmental protection, and long service life. However, the safety of lithium batteries is relatively poor, and some electric vehicle lithium batteries of poor quality have the potential to explode.
Gel battery
Colloidal lead-acid batteries are an improvement over liquid electrolyte lead-acid batteries. They have a longer service life, are more adaptable to ambient temperatures, and can withstand long periods of deep discharge.
NiMH batteries
Nickel-metal hydride battery is an alkaline storage battery with the advantages of high stability, good low-temperature performance, and high recycling value. But the energy density of nickel-metal hydride batteries for electric vehicles
Low, the number of cycles is not as good as that of lithium batteries

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