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The worlds first imprintable and bendable lithium-ion battery
The worlds first imprintable and bendable lithium-ion battery

Technology makes the battery bendable and makes the bending process more stable.

South Korean researchers have discovered a process to fabricate "a class of imprintable, bendable and shape-consistent polymer electrolytes with excellent electrochemical performance in lithium battery systems."

The material can be sprayed on electrodes and then baked with UV light for about 30 minutes to make power devices, which would provide a faster method than standard methods for making lithium-ion batteries.

"Conventional lithium-ion batteries that use liquefied electrolytes have safety concerns because the membranes separating the electrolytes may melt when heated, and in this case, the positive and negative electrodes may come into contact, resulting in an explosion," Korea's Ministry of Education and Science said. and technology, which is a co-sponsored study.

"Because the new battery uses a flexible but strong material, rather than liquid, it can be expected to have higher stability than conventional rechargeable batteries."

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