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The purpose of equalization treatment of lithium battery pack
The purpose of equalization treatment of lithium battery pack

The application of lithium battery packs in the market and various fields has become very common. The most important link in the charging and discharging process of the lithium battery pack is the balance link. Balance has the function of balancing the voltage of the lithium battery pack, so as to achieve the full capacity of the battery pack. The ability to charge and fully discharge allows the battery pack to get the most out of it.

What is the purpose of equalization treatment of lithium battery packs?

A lithium battery pack is composed of a plurality of cells arranged and assembled. Since cells are separate individuals, there are some subtle differences. After combined welding, the direction and length of the connector and the influence of the welding process will increase the generation of differences, and each charge and discharge will increase the value of individual differences. When the value reaches a certain height, it will eventually lead to partial overcharge and overdischarge of the cell, which will cause damage to the cell, and eventually cause the entire set of lithium batteries to fail to work effectively.

The balance treatment of lithium battery pack can solve this problem. When there is a large numerical difference in the single-string lithium-ion battery, the balance voltage of the battery is controlled by the BMS, which can maximize the service life of the lithium battery pack. To put it bluntly, balance is keeping all lithium battery packs within all normal ranges for overall safety.

The balance link is to ensure that the input and output of the lithium battery pack are reasonable for each lithium battery, so that it can be used reasonably and effectively without damage. At present, the two most common balance methods for lithium battery packs are energy consumption balance and energy transfer balance.

Lithium battery balancing technology refers to grouping lithium batteries into groups and making the overall performance of all batteries in the battery pack tend to be consistent through manual intervention.

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