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The production process of low temperature lithium battery
The production process of low temperature lithium battery

Low temperature lithium battery production process Production process and control: raw material inspection, raw material pretreatment, component inspection, vacuum induction melting, rapid cooling ingot casting, semi-finished product inspection, heat treatment, crushing powder, manufacturing, screening, post-processing, vacuum or nitrogen-filled packaging, Product testing.


  1. The process requires the supplier to provide a data sheet, and the quality inspection department must conduct experiments to store and reserve the ingredients and impurity content that meet the process requirements.
  2. Data preprocessing is mainly to remove pollutants and oxides under the name of raw materials to ensure the cleanliness of raw materials.
  3. According to different situations, the raw materials should make up for the incineration losses of volatile elements such as rare earth and manganese.
  4. The vacuum induction melting should be filled with argon under a vacuum of 0.1Pa, melted into an alloy at 1300 degrees Celsius, and the ingot is rapidly cooled to obtain an alloy with fine grains and uniform arrangement.

Semi-finished products: The inspection of semi-finished products includes three aspects:

  1. Appearance: The appearance of the alloy should have metallic luster, no obvious oxidation discoloration, and the arrangement of the alloy should be uniform and fine, without fluffy and impurities;
  2. Chemical composition: The chemical composition of the alloy should be consistent with the design composition.
  3. Electrochemical capacity: it should meet the requirements of enterprise standards, otherwise it cannot be rejected.

Heat treatment:

The vacuum heat treatment furnace is maintained with argon after being evacuated. The main purpose of the heat treatment process is to make the product uniform and firm (to eliminate internal stress), and to ensure the flat pressing, uniformity and good cycle life characteristics of the alloy. The key is to guarantee the temperature and vacuum, and to measure the oxygen content.

The whole process of alloy crushing, pulverizing and packaging is completely closed under argon protection to ensure that the oxygen content of the alloy is very low. There are four aspects of finished product inspection.

  1. Appearance: No discoloration and oxidation phenomenon, no agglomeration phenomenon;
  2. The physical function, particle size evacuation, and bulk rate conform to the enterprise specifications;
  3. Chemical characteristics: alloy powder composition, impurity content, and alloy PCT curve conform to enterprise standards;
  4. Electrochemical function: the electrochemical capacity, charge and discharge characteristics of the alloy, cycle life, high current pulse discharge characteristics and temperature characteristics. The inner packaging is made of nylon composite plastic bag vacuum double-layer packaging, the whole box is packed in nitrogen plastic bags, and the outer box is packed in carton.

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