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Protection of electric bicycle batteries in low temperature environments
Protection of electric bicycle batteries in low temperature environments

"E-bikes are a a great alternative to cars or public transport even in winter. The battery however, is at it's weakest on cold days. The range of an ebike battery can drop by as much as 25% due to the cold winter weather. Here are some tips for E-bike riders to help make your battery last longer this winter.

Insulating you ebike battery for winter

The first thing to do with an ebike battery is to insulate it from the cold. Cheaper ebikes usually compromise on battery quality and also battery insulation. In tube batteries, or batteries within the frame, are usually found on more expensive ebikes and they actually help to insulate a battery from the cold. Cheaper ebikes usually have batteries mounted to the bicycle frame. To increase you ebike range in winter, you can use a neoprene cover. The electric motors on ebikes can operate just fine in winter as minus degrees do not influence their operation or efficiency.

Store your ebike battery at room temperature in winter

When you turn off your ebike, you should bring your battery inside and store it at room temperature. A battery at room temperature will have an increased range compared to a battery left outside in the cold. You should also charge the battery when it is at room temperature as this helps with charging and extends the life of the battery.

Ride your ebike on the maximum power setting in winter to keep the battery warmer

If you ride your ebike with the maximum power mode instead of the eco mode the battery heats up more. This keeps the battery warmer and it maintains it's efficiency compared to if it was on eco mode. Of course the maximum range will also decrease but at least you are not losing power because the battery is cooling down too much.

Keep your ebike well maintained to increase range in winter

A well maintained ebike will get a better range. You should always keep the chain greased and check the tyre pressure as this reduces friction and prevents energy loss. Happy winter ebike riding!"

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