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Wholesale LiFePO4 18650 Battery – 3.2V – 1500mAh
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Brand Name GEB
Model Number 18650
Place of Origin China
Warranty 3months-1year, 1 Year
Anode Material LFP
Application Toys, Power Tools, Home Appliances, Consumer Electronics, Electric Bicycles/Scooters
Battery type Lifepo4
Capacity 1500mah
Voltage 3.2V
Cycle life 2000 Times
OEM/ODM Accepatable
Shipping 7-15 Working Days
Certification CE



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Wholesale LiFePO4 18650 Battery - 3.2V - 1500mAh

Brand GEB
Model GEB-18650 1500mAh
Cycle Time ≥1200 times ≥1200 times
Dimention 18 * 65 mm
Nominal Capacity 1500 mAh in 10% International Tolerance
Nominal Voltage 3.2V
Charge Current Standard Charge: 0.5C

Rapid Charge: 1C

Max Charge Current 1C
Max Discharge Current 2C
Standard Discharge Current 1C
Charge Cut-Off Voltage 3.6V
Discharge Cut-Off Voltage 2.3V
Operation Temperature Charging: 0°~45°

Discharging: -20°~60°

Storage Temperature 0°~25°
Storage Humidity ≤75%RH
Protection Function Over Charge, Over Discharge, Over Current, Short Circuit, etc.
Application Flashlight, Toy, Laser Pointer, Fan, Household Applications, etc.

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