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GEB 48V 30Ah Rechargeable 18650 Li ion Li-ion Lifepo4 Lithium Battery Pack
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Warranty 12 Months
Chargeable Yes
Place of Origin China
Brand Name GEB
Model Number OEM Battery Pack
Certification CE
Weight 1.6KG or Depends
Product Name Lithium Ion Battery Pack for Scooter Ebike Boat
Battery Cell Panasonic or Other Brand Li-ion 18650 Cells
Type Li-Ion
Housing Plastic
Size Customize
Components GEB
Voltage GEB
Rechargeable Yes
PCM protected Yes
Application Electric Power Systems, Electric Wheelchairs, Electric Vehicles, Electric Folklifts, Electric Bicycles/Scooters, Golf Carts, Consumer Electronics, Power Tools, Ebike and Other, AGV

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GEB 48V 30Ah Rechargeable 18650 Li ion Li-ion Lifepo4 Lithium Battery Pack

Brand Name: GEB
Model Number: 32700 15S5P
Warranty: 1 Year
Place of Origin: China
Weight: 10KG
The Charging Ratio: 0.2~1C
The Discharge Rate: 1~3C
Product Name: 48v 30Ah LIFEPO4 Battery Pack
Capacity: 30Ah
Lead-time: 5~7 Working Days
Cycle Life: 2000 Times @ 1C 100% DOD
Warranty: 1 Years
Size: Custom

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