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High-Capacity 12V 20Ah Lithium Ion Battery for Power Devices
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Product GEB12V 20Ah (3S8P 18650 2500MAH)
Rated Capacity 20Ah
Case Blue PVC covered with Epoxy Resin Board
Dimension 60*70*160 mm
Weight around 1.2KG
Nominal Voltage 11.1V
Voltage at end of Discharge 8.6V
Charging at end of Voltage 12.6V
Standard Charge Constant Current 0.2C Constant   Voltage 12.6V 0.02C Cut-off
Standard Discharge Constant Current 0.5C end Voltage 3.0V
Fast Charge Constant Charge Current 0.5C   Voltage 12.6V 0.02CA Cut-off
Fast Discharge Constant Current 1C end Voltage 8.6V
Cycle Characteristic 500Times(100%DOD)  800 Times(80%DOD)  1000 Times(50%DOD)
Maximum Continuous 1C
Discharge Current 1C
Operation Temperature Range Charge:0~55℃  Discharge:-20~60℃
Storage Temperature Range Less than 1 year:-20~25℃     Less than 3 Months:-20~45℃


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High-Capacity 12V 20Ah Lithium Ion Battery for Power Devices

Long cycle Lithium ion battery pack:
1. 12V20Ah Lithium ion battery pack
2. Normal capacity: 20Ah
3. Cycle: 500-800 times


Product GEB12V  20Ah (3S8P 18650 2500MAH) Remark
Rated Capacity Typical 20.5Ah Standard Discharge(0.2C)
Minimum 20Ah After Standard Charge
Case Blue PVC Covered with Epoxy Resin Board
Dimension 60*70*160 mm Can be Customized
Weight Around 1.2KG
Nominal Voltage 11.1V Mean Operation Voltage
Voltage at end of Discharge 8.6V Discharge Cut-off Voltage
Charging at end of Voltage 12.6V
Standard Charge Constant Current 0.2C Constant Charge Time:Approx 6.0H
Voltage 12.6V 0.02C Cut-off
Standard Discharge Constant Current 0.5C end Voltage 3.0V
Fast Charge Constant Charge Current 0.5C Charge Time:Approx 3H
Voltage 12.6V 0.02CA Cut-off
Fast Discharge Constant Current 1C end Voltage 8.6V
Cycle Characteristic 500Times(100%DOD) The Residual Capacity is No Less
800 Times(80%DOD) Than 80% of Rated Capacity at 1C Rate
1000 Times(50%DOD)
Maximum Continuous 1C Pulse Discharge Current:2 C
 Discharge Current
Operation Temperature Range Charge:0~55℃ 60±25%R.H. Bare Battery
Storage Temperature Range Less than 1 Year:-20~25℃ 60±25%R.H. at the Shipment
Less than 3 Months:-20~45℃














































Do not submerge the battery in the water.
Do not mix fresh batteries with used batteries.
Do not mix batteries with metal stuff together.
Do not insert batteries with the (+) and (-) reversed.
Do not use Efest batteries with defective E-cig mods.
Do not disassemble, dispose in fire, heat or short circuit.
Do not put the battery in a charger or equipment with wrong terminals connected.




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