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Precautions for Custom Polymer Lithium Batteries
Precautions for Custom Polymer Lithium Batteries

Precautions for custom polymer lithium battery:

Customized polymer lithium battery has become the demand of more and more product manufacturers, and customized polymer lithium battery is a technical activity with rich content. As the application fields of polymer lithium battery packs become more and more refined, polymer lithium battery packs have been widely used in many different fields, such as: lithium batteries for smart wearable products, lithium batteries for processing and manufacturing, and lithium battery equipment for communications , lithium battery for power, lithium battery for energy storage technology. Due to the different needs of enterprise products, matching polymer lithium batteries are required to meet the needs of different products, so it is necessary to evaluate and customize new polymer lithium batteries according to the specific needs of customers. In this case, what are the customized polymer lithium batteries? Precaution?

  1. Lithium battery packs are customized differently. Mass-produced enterprise products, developed specifically for different enterprise products. Therefore, in the entire customization process, you must pay the corresponding fees (usually involving mold development service fees, development service fees, enterprise product proofing service fees, etc.)
  2. New product development cycle: The length of the new product development cycle is directly related to the length of the new cycle of the company's products. Usually, the new product development cycle of customized lithium battery packs is about 30 days, and a rapid new product development channel is implemented. , For companies that do not usually need to open molds, the product proofing time can be shortened to two weeks.
  3. Custom polymer lithium batteries also need to pay attention to the rate, voltage, capacity, internal resistance, temperature, etc. of the battery.

In short, when customizing a polymer lithium battery, not only must consider all aspects of battery data from the needs of product users, but also pay attention to the basic parameters provided by custom polymer lithium battery manufacturers, and have a certain understanding of product applications. and service objects.

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