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The agreement of the pictures allowed to use

In order to rich the international internet information and promote the application and development of the international Internet in China, as for some affairs of our pictures of websites, we announce the agreement as follows:

  1. Without our written approval, no one has the right to resell or entitle any third-party to use our pictures. All the pictures downloaded from our websites include internal password that can clearly show the source of pictures, downloaders, the date of downloading, the source of reprinting, the date of reprinting, the relative information of the computer receiving the pictures, and so on.
  2. Without our written approval, no one has the right to download our pictures to anyone with the network version and electronic version.
  3. Everyone needs to note the photographer’s name on every picture, and the form of signature is “the name of the photographer”.
  4. Without our written approval, anyone is not allowed to reveal our pictures to any third-party before issued on magazines. Anyone should restrict their employees to get above information only by conducting this duty of the agreement. If the behaviors conducted by anyone’s employees result in the reveal of our pictures to any third-party, anyone should be responsible for breaking the contract caused by their employees.
  5. Without the permission of the opposite side, either party can not reveal the content of this agreement to the third-party.
  6. In order to guarantee the friendly cooperation between the two sides, any side can not subjectively carry out the negative report to the opposite side by means of any media (including websites).
  7. Anyone can not use the pictures provided by us to business events.
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