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Ni-MH power battery
Ni-MH power battery

Nickel-metal hydride batteries have mature technology, are resistant to overcharge and over-discharge, have good safety, and have high energy and high power characteristics. The disadvantage is that the material "activity" of nickel-metal hydride batteries is strong, easy to escape, and the packaging technology requirements are very high. At the same time, nickel-metal hydride batteries have low charge and discharge efficiency under high temperature conditions and have large side reactions, which seriously affect the battery's driving range. , so it is necessary to improve the high-temperature charge and discharge performance of the battery. Improving the high-temperature performance of nickel-hydrogen electrodes is the key to improving the high-temperature performance of batteries. By improving high-temperature charge and discharge performance, nickel-metal hydride rechargeable batteries have made great progress in the application of electric vehicles.

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