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Is the number of cycles related to the battery itself?
Is the number of cycles related to the battery itself?

As the "heart" of pure electric vehicle, the key of pure electric vehicle is power battery. For the power battery, the performance index, capacity and service life of the power battery are used to measure the performance index of the battery. During the long-term use of the battery, the battery capacity will decrease with the use time. As a battery, what is the relationship between the cycle times and the battery?

The number of cycles refers to the time and number of times when the battery is in use. In other words, after the battery is fully charged, then the battery is replaced, and then it is fully recharged, discharged, and then cycled repeatedly. For power batteries, a complete charge and discharge process is a cycle. According to this thing, batteries have cycle times.

According to the service life of the ternary lithium battery, the service life of the battery is about 1500 to 2000 cycles, and the number of cycles will decrease with the decrease of the battery in the use process, which means that the service life of the battery is also constantly reducing. In the process of use, due to the continuous reduction of the number of cycles of the battery, then This means that irreversible electrochemical reactions will occur in the lithium battery, resulting in a decrease in capacity.

Conclusion: the life cycle times of lithium battery are determined according to the quality and material of the battery. The cycle number of lithium battery is closely related to the service life of the battery. For each cycle completed, the capacity of the battery will be reduced a little, and the service life of the battery will also be reduced.

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