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Introducing the 10S6P 18650 36V 20Ah Battery Pack by “Entrepreneurship Board” – Revolutionizing the Future of E-Mobility and Energy Storage
Introducing the 10S6P 18650 36V 20Ah Battery Pack by “Entrepreneurship Board” – Revolutionizing the Future of E-Mobility and Energy Storage

Introducing the 10S6P 18650 36V 20Ah Battery Pack by "Entrepreneurship Board" - Revolutionizing the Future of E-Mobility and Energy Storage


The electric vehicle (EV) industry and renewable energy sectors have been witnessing rapid growth in recent years. As demand for clean and efficient power sources increases, battery technology plays a crucial role in meeting these needs. One such company making waves in the market is the Chinese brand "Entrepreneurship Board," which has introduced its latest product, the 10S6P 18650 36V 20Ah battery pack. Manufactured in Guangdong province, this powerful battery pack offers exceptional performance, reliability, and versatility for various applications.

Product Specifications:

The 10S6P 18650 battery pack boasts an impressive capacity of 36V 20Ah, providing abundant power for a wide range of applications. The battery pack weighs just 3.1 KG, making it a lightweight yet robust solution for electric vehicles and renewable energy systems. The battery's charging ratio ranges from 0.2C to 1C, while the discharge rate varies between 1C and 3C.

Featuring LCO (Lithium Cobalt Oxide) as the cathode material, the 10S6P 18650 battery pack guarantees high energy density, long cycle life, and excellent safety features. The battery pack comes with a one-year warranty to ensure customer satisfaction and peace of mind.


The Entrepreneurship Board's 10S6P 18650 battery pack is designed for seamless integration into various applications, such as:

Golf carts: Providing a reliable and eco-friendly power source for golfers on the green.

Electric bicycles/scooters: Boosting e-mobility with increased capacity and longer runtime.

Electric forklifts: Offering powerful and efficient energy for heavy-duty industrial operations.

Electric vehicles: Ensuring a cleaner driving experience with reduced emissions and noise pollution.

Electric wheelchairs: Enhancing mobility for people with disabilities or limited walking abilities.

Power systems: Backup and emergency power supplies for critical infrastructure.

Solar energy storage systems: Storing excess solar power during daylight hours for later use.

Safety Features:

The 10S6P 18650 battery pack comes with a comprehensive battery management system (BMS) that supports a 70A maximum discharge current, ensuring safe and effective performance. The charging voltage for this battery pack is 42V, while the maximum discharge current is 60A, and the charging current is 2A.

The over-discharge protection voltage is set at 27V to prevent potential damage to the battery cells. Additionally, the battery pack boasts an impressive cycle life of 800 cycles, providing long-lasting and reliable power.


The Entrepreneurship Board's 10S6P 18650 36V 20Ah battery pack offers an outstanding solution for various applications in the e-mobility and renewable energy sectors. With its high capacity, lightweight design, and advanced safety features, this battery pack is poised to revolutionize the future of clean energy and transportation.

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