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How to use polymer lithium battery safely?
How to use polymer lithium battery safely?

Most of the current polymer batteries are only soft pack batteries, using aluminum-plastic film as the shell, but the electrolyte has not changed. This kind of battery can also be thinned, its low-temperature discharge characteristics are better than that of polymer batteries, and the material energy density is basically the same as that of liquid lithium-ion batteries and ordinary polymer batteries. Regarding the safety of polymer batteries, is it safe enough?

All lithium-ion batteries are afraid of overcharging and short circuits. When the battery is overcharged and discharged, the internal temperature of the battery continues to rise, the gas generated during activation expands, the internal pressure of the battery increases, and the pressure reaches a certain level. If the casing becomes scarred, it can rupture, causing fluid leaks, fires, or even explosions. Due to the use of colloidal electrolytes, ordinary polymer lithium-ion batteries will not explode due to the liquid boiling to generate a large amount of gas, which improves safety.

Compared with liquid lithium-ion batteries, polymer lithium-ion batteries have the advantages of thinness, any area, and any shape. Therefore, the battery shell can use a lighter aluminum-plastic composite film, thereby improving the specific capacity of the entire battery; polymer lithium-ion batteries can also use polymers as anode materials, and their energy will be higher than the current liquid lithium-ion batteries. In addition, polymer lithium-ion batteries are superior to lithium-ion batteries in terms of operating voltage and charge-discharge cycle life. Based on the above advantages, polymer lithium-ion batteries are called next-generation lithium-ion batteries.

At present, most of the domestic polymer batteries are only soft pack batteries, with aluminum-plastic film as the shell, and the electrolyte has not changed. Such batteries can also be thinned and have better low-temperature discharge characteristics than polymer batteries. The energy density of this material is basically the same as that of liquid lithium batteries and ordinary polymer batteries, but due to the use of aluminum-plastic film, it is lighter than ordinary liquid lithium batteries. In terms of safety, when the liquid boils, the aluminum plastic film will rupture naturally and will not explode.

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