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How to extinguish lithium-ion battery fire?
How to extinguish lithium-ion battery fire?

Regarding the fire extinguishing of lithium-ion battery fires, the most commonly used fire extinguishing media in energy storage stations are heptafluoropropane, perfluorohexanone, and fine water mist, while the most commonly used fire extinguishing media in vehicle-mounted fire extinguishing devices are dry powder and aerosol. The above fire-extinguishing media are only effective against initial fires in lithium-ion batteries, and except for water, they cannot prevent re-ignition of lithium-ion batteries. Extinguishing lithium-ion battery fires requires a large amount of water, takes a long time to extinguish, and will cause water pollution. It is generally used for the final stage of disposal that cannot be extinguished.

When encountering a lithium-ion battery fire, you should first put on personal protective equipment and respiratory protective equipment, and then start putting out the fire.

For pure electric vehicle fires, it should be noted that except for working at close range when treating or rescuing trapped persons, fire extinguishing and disposal should be kept 5 meters away. When extinguishing a fire, cut off the power supply first, and then put out the fire in a windward location to avoid inhaling toxic fumes. It is strictly prohibited to cut or pry apart vehicle structural parts and electrical components during firefighting and rescue operations to avoid electric shock and the expansion of battery thermal runaway. Focus on controlling the intensity of the fire, and continuously cool down the battery pack to reduce the risk of explosion. Real-time monitoring of battery temperature to prevent heat spread and re-ignition. Before all the battery power is discharged, the vehicle wreckage should be placed in the open air and a reasonable safe distance should be maintained from the surrounding area. Vehicle wreckage should be monitored 24 hours a day and professionals should be arranged to handle it.

For storage lithium-ion battery fires such as energy storage stations, the fire situation should be determined first when extinguishing the fire. When the fire accident is in the early stage and no explosion occurs, it is strictly forbidden to directly spray water on the battery pack. The main purpose is to cool the peripheral peripheral control and extinguish the fire according to the situation; When a large-scale combustion or explosion occurs in a lithium-ion battery, a large amount of water should be used to cool the fire and extinguish the fire to prevent the accident from expanding. During the disposal process, a safe distance from the lithium-ion battery must be maintained and protection against electric shock must be maintained. A closed lithium-ion battery storage room that is on fire must not be blindly opened or broken open to prevent explosion or flashover. Necessary on-site inspection, smoke exhaust, and explosion suppression operations can be carried out, and equipment such as drones can be used to carry out fire extinguishing to reduce personnel safety risks.

With the advancement of technology, the research and development of new lithium-ion batteries with high energy density and good safety, the improvement of battery management system management level, the research and development and application of accurate, efficient, applicable and safe lithium-ion battery fire prevention technology and equipment will It is the future development trend of lithium-ion battery safety.

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