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How to Charge Cylindrical Lithium-Ion Batteries
How to Charge Cylindrical Lithium-Ion Batteries

The first point:

Prevent charging at excessively high temperatures. If the cylindrical lithium-ion battery is used in an environment higher than the specified operating temperature, that is, above 45°C, the battery's power will continue to decline, that is, the battery's power supply time will not be extended. As long as usual. .If the device is charged at such temperature, the damage to the battery will be more.

Second point:

Prevent charging at too low temperature If the lithium battery is used in a low temperature environment, that is, below -10°C, the battery life will also be reduced. The original lithium batteries of some mobile phones cannot even be charged in low temperature environments.

Third point:

Activation of lithium-ion batteries does not require any special method. Lithium-ion batteries activate naturally during normal machine use.

fourth point:

Lithium batteries are more advantageous for shallow charging and shallow discharging. Deep discharge and deep charge are only required when the product's power module is calibrated for lithium batteries. Therefore, products powered by lithium batteries do not need to be bound by the craftsmanship, everything is convenient, and can be charged at any time, without worrying about affecting the service life.


Cylindrical lithium-ion batteries also have many advantages, such as superior cycle performance, fast charging and discharging, high charging efficiency, and high output power. It is worth mentioning that cylindrical lithium-ion batteries do not contain toxic and harmful substances and are called green batteries.

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