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Hot Sell Deep Cycle 22Ah UAV Muticopter GEB 6S 22.2V 22000mAh 22Ah 25C 35C RC Battery 45C High C-Rate Lipo Battery 22.2V
Hot Sell Deep Cycle 22Ah UAV Muticopter GEB 6S 22.2V 22000mAh 22Ah 25C 35C RC Battery 45C High C-Rate Lipo Battery 22.2V

RC or remote control enthusiasts need a reliable power solution to keep their devices running smoothly and efficiently. The 6S 22.2V 22000mAh 25C RC LiPo battery pack is an excellent choice as it is designed for high-performance applications.

This LiPo battery pack offers a nominal voltage of 22.2V, which is compatible with most electric tools, household appliances, and consumer electronics. It uses NCM (Nickel Cation + Manganese + Cobalt) as its positive electrode active material, imparting high energy density and stable voltage performance. Moreover, this battery pack is CE and RoHS certified, ensuring safety and quality.

The 6S 22.2V 22000mAh 25C RC LiPo battery pack has dimensions of 4944155mm (lengthwidthheight), making it compact and portable, weighing just 2 kg. This makes it easy to carry around, even in challenging terrains.

One of the unique features of this battery pack is its high discharge current of up to 25C, meaning it can deliver a continuous output of up to 550A. This property makes it a suitable source of energy for powering RC vehicles such as cars, boats, helicopters, airplanes, among others. Additionally, it offers a burst discharge rate of up to 45C, which allows drawing power quickly to meet sudden high-energy needs of RC devices, thereby improving their performance and longevity.

Moreover, the battery pack's ability to retain a stable voltage output under high loads ensures that connected devices receive uninterrupted, consistent power, leading to an improvement in their operational efficiencies. The battery also operates within an operating temperature range of -20°C to 60°C, ensuring optimal performance under different environmental conditions.

The 6S 22.2V 22000mAh 25C RC LiPo battery pack comes with a one-year warranty, making it a reliable and cost-effective solution due to its long service life.

Finally, the battery pack is rechargeable, which makes it an environmentally-friendly and cost-effective energy solution.

In summary, the 6S 22.2V 22000mAh 25C RC LiPo battery pack is an amazing choice for remote control enthusiasts requiring a dependable and high-performance power source. Its compatibility with a broad range of RC devices and high discharge rates make it the ideal power solution in challenging environments. With its compact size, long lifespan, stable voltage output, and excellent performance abilities, this battery pack is highly recommended for anyone looking for top-quality power solutions.

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