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GEB18650 Battery: Empowering Devices with Unmatched Performance
GEB18650 Battery: Empowering Devices with Unmatched Performance

GEB18650 Battery: Empowering Devices with Unmatched Performance


Revolutionizing Power Solutions with GEB18650 Battery

Guangdong, China - GEB, a trusted and renowned name in the battery industry, proudly presents the remarkable GEB18650 battery. This cutting-edge battery is set to transform the way we power our devices, offering exceptional performance, reliability, and versatility.

Compact Size, Versatile Applications: Compact Design, Versatile Power for All Your Devices

Measuring at 1865mm (DiameterHeight) and weighing approximately 50g, the GEB18650 battery packs a powerful punch in a compact package. Versatility shines through as it powers a wide range of applications, making it the perfect choice for toys, power tools, home appliances, consumer electronics, boats, golf carts, submarines, electric bicycles/scooters, electric forklifts, electric vehicles, electric wheelchairs, electric power systems, solar energy storage systems, and uninterruptible power supplies.


Efficient Charging, Reliable Performance: Quick Power-ups, Steady Performance You Can Count On

The GEB18650 battery ensures efficient and safe charging with a ratio of 0.5C standard and 1C maximum. Say goodbye to long charging times as it offers quick power-ups, allowing you to get back to using your devices in no time. With an impressive discharge rate of 3C, it guarantees a steady and reliable flow of energy, empowering your devices to perform at their best even during demanding tasks.


Temperature Resilience, Long Cycle Life: Enduring Extreme Conditions, Unparalleled Durability

Designed to withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -10°C to +45°C for up to 6 months, the GEB18650 battery remains resilient and reliable in any environment. Whether you're in scorching heat or freezing cold, rest assured that this battery will provide consistent power delivery. With a cycle life of over 500+ times, thanks to its Grade A cells, it offers exceptional quality and durability, meeting the demands of modern devices.


Certified Quality, Peace of Mind: Certified for Safety and Quality Assurance

The GEB18650 battery proudly holds CE and ROHS certifications, ensuring the highest standards of safety and quality. This means you can trust that the battery has undergone rigorous testing to provide you with a reliable and secure power source for your devices.


Experience the Power of GEB18650 Battery

The GEB18650 battery from GEB is revolutionizing power solutions by offering exceptional performance, reliability, and versatility. From consumer electronics to renewable energy systems, this battery is a powerhouse that meets the demands of the modern world. Unleash the unmatched performance of the GEB18650 battery and power up your devices with confidence.

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