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Energy storage lithium batteries are concentrated in the field of electric energy storage
Energy storage lithium batteries are concentrated in the field of electric energy storage

The power grid has become an important boost to stimulate the development of the lithium battery energy storage industry, and the demand is very obvious. As we all know, the power grid is configured according to the maximum power load, and the corresponding power supply and power grid need to be configured when the load increases rapidly. The efficiency of power generation will be reduced, and it will also cause a great waste of resources. Lithium battery energy storage can just solve this problem.

Lithium battery energy storage has many application scenarios in the power industry, which are generally divided into three links: power generation side, power transmission and distribution side, and power consumption side. There are about dozens of application scenarios.

On the power generation side, the role of energy storage is mainly to regulate loads, smooth intermittent energy sources, improve new energy consumption, increase grid reserve capacity, and participate in frequency regulation.

On the transmission and distribution side, the purpose of configuring energy storage is to improve circuit quality, reduce line loss, increase power grid reserve capacity, improve the utilization efficiency of power transmission and distribution equipment, and delay the need for capacity increase.

In terms of distributed energy storage on the power consumption side, energy storage can improve the consumption of distributed energy, cut peaks and fill valleys, load transfer, reduce electricity costs, and improve power supply reliability and power quality.

With the new construction and expansion of 5G base stations, the demand for energy storage backup power of communication iron-lithium-ion batteries is increasing. Communication operators and tower companies purchase communication backup lithium batteries in batches in the form of bidding. Overall, in the global market, domestic lithium battery factories have evolved mature technical routes and strong cost control capabilities, and are the most powerful competitors in the global lithium battery energy storage market. The domestic lithium battery industry chain will fully benefit from global electrochemical energy storage. The rapid development of the industry.

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