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Electric bicycle battery driving maintenance
Electric bicycle battery driving maintenance

When starting an electric vehicle, you should be careful not to directly use electric energy to start. You can also use pedals to start when carrying heavy objects uphill, because the current required at the beginning will be very large, and using electric energy at the beginning will damage the battery. of electrode plates. Therefore, you should start with pedals to avoid damaging the battery. During driving, the electric vehicle must brake and start too frequently. No matter how difficult it is to walk or there are many vehicles, you can drive slowly to avoid damaging the battery due to frequent braking and starting. When using an electric vehicle, if you find that the fault indicator light on the indicator panel is on, do not continue driving, because this indicator light indicates that the battery has reached a state of undervoltage. Continuing to use it will damage the battery and shorten the battery life, even if it is in use. It cannot be used halfway. Once the battery is under voltage, it should be charged before use.

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