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Electric bicycle battery charging and maintenance
Electric bicycle battery charging and maintenance

When recharging the battery, you must pay attention to the charging time. Generally, the charging time of the battery is about 8 hours. You must wait for eight hours before disconnecting the charge. The charging time should not be too long or too short. This will damage the battery. Then I found that when the charger shows that charging is complete, it takes a while before disconnecting the power supply, and the battery can be disconnected only after the battery is fully saturated. If the electric vehicle is parked for a long time, you should check the battery power in time. The power in the battery will gradually decrease when parked. If you find that the battery is short of power in time, you must charge the battery. Do not leave the battery in a long-term power shortage state to avoid Consider the battery. The service life of an electric vehicle battery is limited by the number of charges. The average battery life is more than 300 times, and the average service life is about 2 years. Charging the battery too frequently will shorten the battery life. When using a charger to charge the battery, pay attention to check whether the charger's indicator light is working properly. If the charger's indicator light does not show that charging is complete when the charging is completed, please pay attention. The charger may be broken. If you continue to charge, the battery will bulge and damage the battery.

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