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Do you know what are the explosion-proof technologies of lithium batteries?
Do you know what are the explosion-proof technologies of lithium batteries?

At the beginning of the commercial use of lithium batteries, there were often reports of lithium battery explosion accidents. After years of development, there are relatively few reports on the explosion of lithium batteries. This is mainly due to advances in lithium battery technology. the benefits of. So what are the explosion-proof technologies of lithium batteries?

  1. Explosion-proof skills.

Lithium batteries have become the battery of choice for portable electronics. This battery has high capacity density and competitive price. It is expected to remain the mainstream of the market in the next few years. However, lithium batteries have always hidden the risk of explosion, because the use of more and more widely, explosion incidents emerge one after another. Now that explosion-proof circuit and explosion-proof battery technology have matured, blasting incidents should be less and less.

Explosion-proof technology is a new type of battery product, made of materials with high safety factor, which can effectively prevent battery explosion. The safety feature of explosion-proof lithium battery pack is its biggest feature. In order to ensure the safety of lithium batteries, we generally design an explosion-proof valve on the battery shell, which can be destroyed in time when the pressure is too high, release the internal pressure of the battery, and avoid the explosion of the lithium battery. The battery pack is thermally out of control.

Due to improper use of lithium batteries, when the battery is overcharged or has other failures, a large amount of gas will be generated inside the battery due to chemical reactions, resulting in a rapid increase in the internal pressure of the battery, resulting in an explosion accident. Therefore, in order to avoid such risks, batteries are generally equipped with explosion-proof equipment.

  1. Explosion-proof method,

the upper limit of the charging voltage and the lower limit of the discharge voltage must be set when charging the lithium battery. The ideal values ​​are 4.2V and 2.4V, respectively, so that life, capacity and safety can be considered at the same time; other current upper limits are also important. need. The best way is to design a battery maintenance circuit board. Although it will increase the manufacturing cost of lithium batteries, the safe use of lithium batteries is a must, and the products of all regular lithium battery manufacturers are inevitable.

The maintenance of lithium batteries should include three items: upper limit of charging voltage, lower limit of discharge voltage, and upper limit of current. Generally, in the lithium battery pack, in addition to the lithium battery cells, there will be a maintenance board. This maintenance board mainly provides these three kinds of maintenance. However, these three kinds of maintenance of the maintenance board are obviously not feasible. The explosion of lithium batteries still occurs frequently around the world. In order to ensure the safety of the battery system, the cause of the battery explosion must be analyzed more carefully.

The above is how the lithium battery is explosion-proof and the explosion-proof technology and explosion-proof method of the lithium battery. As long as we pay attention in our daily life, lithium batteries will not become a time bomb in our hands.

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