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Cylindrical lithium-ion battery features
Cylindrical lithium-ion battery features

The first point:

Cylindrical lithium-ion batteries have formed a series of internationally unified standard specifications and models. The technology is relatively mature and suitable for continuous mass production.

Second point:

The surface area of the cylinder is large, and the heat dissipation effect is good.

Third point:

Cylindrical lithium-ion batteries are generally sealed batteries, and there is no maintenance problem during use.

fourth point:

The lithium-ion battery shell has high pressure resistance, and there will be no square, soft pack battery swelling and other phenomena during use.


With the further expansion of the electric vehicle market and the continuous improvement of cruising range requirements, car companies have put forward higher requirements for power lithium batteries in terms of energy density, manufacturing cost, cycle life and additional attributes of products. Under the premise that a huge breakthrough has not been made in the field of raw materials, it has become an explorable direction to appropriately increase the volume of the cylindrical battery to obtain a larger battery capacity.

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