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Concept USB Flash Drive Doubles Up As an AA Battery
Concept USB Flash Drive Doubles Up As an AA Battery

The only flash drive that can power a flash light!

Thanks to the technological advancements in flash storage over the years, portable USB drives have gotten smaller and smaller, allowing them to be cleverly concealed in everyday objects like safety pins or cufflinks. While it certainly makes sense for a flash drive to be integrated into something you wear on your body, designer Wonchul Hwang thought up an intriguing alternative.

Dubbed the AA USB, this usb flash drive concept doubles up as a rechargeable AA battery. While the drive is plugged into your computer and gobbling up your data, its internal battery is gobbling up some electricity to store for later. In the emergency event that you happen to need a single AA battery, the AA USB has you covered.

In addition, if the AA USB runs out of juice, an internal crank allows you to manually charge it by twisting a portion of the battery. Although there isn't a massive list of gadgets out there that can make use of a single AA battery, the concept has some interesting potential. Perhaps if the AA battery could double up as a small capacity USB charger, this little device could become a geeks best friend.

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