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Battery technology improvement, new energy vehicle sales will increase significantly
Battery technology improvement, new energy vehicle sales will increase significantly

Nowadays, new energy products are gradually entering our daily life, and new energy products also play a relatively important role in our lives. The improvement of battery technology will also directly affect the sales of most new energy products. Let's take a look Which ones are there specifically?

From the perspective of market structure, the proportion of personal consumption of new energy vehicles has increased significantly this year, close to 70%, compared with 20% two years ago. In non-restricted cities, the proportion of purchases reached 60%. From the perspective of market driving factors, this shows that consumers are increasingly accepting new energy vehicles. "According to estimates, the sales volume of new energy vehicles this year is expected to be 1.3 million units. It is tentatively estimated that the growth rate of new energy vehicle production and sales next year will exceed 30%, which means that sales in 2021 will reach 1.8 million units.

There are four reasons for the increase in sales of new energy vehicles in 2021: first, the cultivation of the entire industry chain of new energy vehicles over the years has gradually matured the cultivation of the supply chain in each link; Consumers have gradually changed their understanding of new energy vehicles from awareness, cognition to understanding, and the entire new energy vehicle products are gradually maturing; third, relevant enterprises can gradually provide rich and diversified new energy vehicle products through innovative R&D and production preparations. To meet market demand; Fourth, the use environment of new energy vehicles is also gradually optimized and improved.

In the future, accelerating the reduction of the cost of new energy vehicles and meeting the needs of more consumers will be the key factors for the sustainable development of the industry. In addition, the battery of pure electric vehicles is the key to improving competitiveness. The issue of new energy vehicle batteries has always been the focus of attention. Since 2009, there has been a battle for charging and battery swapping. At present, there have been many application cases for the vehicle-electric separation and power-swap mode of new energy vehicles, and my country already has the basic conditions to carry out the pilot of the vehicle-power separation and power-swap mode. In addition, improving the performance of power batteries is also where new energy vehicles need to be strengthened in terms of power energy performance improvement in the future. At present, power battery companies have begun to improve their competitiveness through innovation in power battery technology.

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