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Application of high rate battery
Application of high rate battery

For electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles, the core technology lies in high-rate batteries. Compared with other types of batteries, although power lithium-ion batteries have disadvantages such as high price and poor safety performance, they have large specific energy and long cycle life. and other important advantages, with broader development prospects.

The technological development of power lithium-ion batteries is also changing with each passing day, and the capacity and structure are constantly improving. Relevant experts said that no matter which technical route the battery manufacturer adopts, it should meet the requirements of high safety in use, wide range of ambient temperature difference, and charging and discharging functionality. Strong, high rate discharge, good usability and other conditions.

Battery capacity involves technology and cost Lithium-ion batteries can be divided into small batteries and large batteries according to their size. Small batteries are often used in 3C electronics. The development of related technologies and industries is very mature, and the overall profit is declining. At present, more than 85% of lithium-ion battery products are small batteries.

Large batteries are also commonly known as power batteries. There are also two types of small power batteries and large power batteries. The former is mainly used in power tools, electric bicycles, etc., and the latter is used in the fields of electric vehicles and energy storage, both of which use high-rate batteries. At present, pure electric (EV), plug-in hybrid (PHEV), and hybrid (HEV) electric vehicles are in a period of rapid development and have attracted much attention from the industry. As the core of the future automobile industry, the development of the power lithium-ion battery industry has received unprecedented attention and has been elevated to a strategic level by major countries.

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