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Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of lithium battery customization
Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of lithium battery customization

First: Why Customize Lithium Batteries

  1. Customized lithium batteries can choose different cells according to their own needs. Different cells have different battery performance, service life and safety performance.
  2. The voltage range that the customized lithium battery equipment can withstand. The customized lithium battery can arrange the voltage according to its own needs, and the customized lithium battery voltage can be flexibly customized. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the customized lithium battery device can withstand the corresponding voltage value.
  3. Customized lithium batteries can change the performance, volume, function and other characteristics of lithium batteries on the basis of primary batteries to meet the different needs of customers for batteries.

Second: the advantages of lithium battery customization

  1. Large size, high working standard voltage;
  2. Lithium battery customization has the characteristics of resistance to short-circuit fault, resistance to overcharge, power failure, shock resistance, vibration resistance, gunshot accident, acupuncture, no fire, no explosion, etc.;
  3. There is no problem of battery leakage, and the internal structure of the battery has no liquid lithium battery electrolyte, and adopts colloidal solid state;
  4. High safety factor. Customized lithium battery manufacturers will improve the protection measures for customized lithium batteries according to the conditions of the lithium battery mechanical equipment used by users or other regulations.

Third: the disadvantages of lithium battery customization

  1. High cost;
  2. Route manipulation, overcharging maintenance, and power loss maintenance are required;
  3. It is not allowed to charge and discharge with large working current, and the internal resistance is relatively large. Generally, charge and discharge at 0.5C, and there is a risk of overcharge and discharge short circuit failure.

The customized lithium battery has superior characteristics, higher volume, longer service life and more reasonable price, and has won the recognition and love of many customers.

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