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3 major application areas of energy storage batteries
3 major application areas of energy storage batteries

With the proposal of green and low-carbon life, more and more people have joined this action. As far as energy storage batteries are concerned, it is a very good choice. So, in which fields is energy storage more widely used?

Three energy storage fields - power system, automobile and household In the field of electric vehicles, the energy storage technologies with application prospects are mainly lithium-ion batteries, and lead-acid batteries also have a certain market. The electric vehicle sector requires 453 million kilowatts of energy storage. The scale of the global electric vehicle market is showing a rapid development trend. According to the prediction of True Lithium Research, in the future, with the continuous breakthrough of new energy vehicle battery life technology and the gradual reduction of the cost of core components, new energy vehicles are expected to achieve scale in the global passenger car. The car market around 2017. By then, the global electric vehicle market size will also usher in a new round of explosive growth. The field of home energy storage can also be understood as a group of large batteries that store electrical energy for the home.

For families in most countries, this is still a relatively unfamiliar home appliance. Currently, the major global markets for home energy storage systems are in the United States and Japan. The living area of Americans is usually relatively large, the households use more electricity, and there are more households with new energy power generation systems such as wind energy and solar energy. Due to the large amount of electricity consumption and the large price difference between peak and valley electricity prices, American households usually use energy storage systems to store electricity during low electricity price periods and use them during high electricity price periods to achieve the purpose of saving electricity bills. In addition, in remote areas and areas with high incidence of natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes, household energy storage systems are used as emergency power sources to avoid the inconvenience caused by frequent power outages due to disasters or other reasons.

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