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2S4P 7.2V 10000mAh 10Ah rechargeable lithium ion battery pack
2S4P 7.2V 10000mAh 10Ah rechargeable lithium ion battery pack

Lithium-ion batteries have become an essential power solution for various applications, from consumer electronics to commercial and industrial use-cases. With their high energy density, light weight, and long cycle life, lithium-ion batteries have taken over traditional lead-acid and NiMH batteries in almost every aspect.


Introducing the 2S4P 7.2V 10000mAh Lithium-ion Battery Pack - a rechargeable battery pack consisting of eight high-capacity 18650 cylindrical cells arranged in a 2 series and 4 parallel configuration. This battery pack is designed explicitly for high-drain applications that require reliable and consistent power.


The 2S4P 7.2V 10000mAh Lithium-ion Battery Pack has the following specifications:

Nominal capacity: 10000mAh

Nominal voltage: 7.2V

Discharge cut-off voltage: 3.0V (per cell)

Maximum charge voltage: 4.2±0.05V (per cell)

Standard charging current: 1C

High-rate charging current: 0.5C

Standard discharge current: 1C

Maximum continuous discharge current: 3C

Weight: 300g

Operating temperature: charging: 0 ~ 45 °C; discharging: -20 ~ 55°C

Storage temperature: within one month: -5 ~ 35°C; within six months: 0 ~ 35°C

Cycle life: > 500 cycles

The 2S4P 7.2V 10000mAh Lithium-ion Battery Pack is an excellent choice for various applications that demand high-performance power solutions. Its robust configuration supports high-current discharge rates up to 30A, making it ideal for various applications that require a power source with exceptional energy density and long cycle life.


One of the significant advantages of this battery pack is its compact size and weight. It can fit comfortably into small devices without adding unnecessary bulk. Additionally, the lithium-ion battery technology used in this pack ensures consistent performance throughout its lifecycle, free from memory effects.


The battery pack has several safety features that make it safe to use and handle. For instance, the battery pack's electronic protection mechanism safeguards against overcharging, over-discharging, short circuiting, and thermal runaway. The operating temperature range of charging between 0 ~ 45 °C and discharging between -20 ~ 55°C guarantees that even under extreme conditions, the battery pack will perform optimally and remain safe.


Furthermore, the battery pack's long cycle life means users can depend on it for extended periods without worrying about replacement or frequent charging. The pack can withstand more than 500 charge and discharge cycles, contributing to its excellent value proposition.


In conclusion, the 2S4P 7.2V 10000mAh Lithium-ion Battery Pack offers an ideal power solution for several high-drain applications that demand a reliable and robust power source. With its compact size, light weight, and long cycle life, this battery pack is an excellent choice for powering electric tools, toys, RC cars, drones, and other commercial or industrial equipment. Its safety features, long cycle life, and predictable performance make it a top pick for anyone looking for dependable power solutions.

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