How to extend the life of the battery pack

2019-03-26 11:36:01 0

The pain point of new energy vehicles is mainly batteries, one of which is battery charging, people are worried about battery life - in the end, not much electricity. For example: just like the water in the water cup, the parameters of different manufacturers' batteries are different from the factory, so some of them are full when charging, some are not full; when using electricity, some of the electricity has been used up. Some have not been used up yet. If you simply charge, due to the short board effect of the barrel, some batteries can not be fully charged, and some batteries are inexhaustible. Since there are often hundreds of batteries in an electric car, one battery can affect the entire battery system.

The "cask effect" of a group of batteries in use:

Group battery charging without active balancing

Group battery discharge without active equalization

Actively balanced group battery charging

Actively balanced group battery discharge

From the barrel effect, it can be seen that active balancing can maximize the capacity of the group of batteries, while filling and simultaneously discharging, effectively extending the life of the group of batteries.