How do you do business with us?

2020-04-22 11:15:40 0

1. Send inquiry

You can submit your inquiry in the form on our website, you can find the inquiry submission form on the right and bottom of the page, or you can send your inquiry directly to us at sales@gebattery.com.cn. Our engineers will contact you within 12 hours.

2. Communication

We will contact you via email within 12 hours to discuss your purchasing needs or custom solutions.

3. Confirmation of products

We can produce most models and types of lithium ion rechargeable batteries, as long as you settle with us, we can produce what you need within a month, or you can start with a few custom samples.

4. Payment

We accept most mainstream payment methods, such as Paypal, UnionPay, etc.

5. Confirmation of order

After product confirmation you need to provide specific purchase quantity, address and other details, we will select the appropriate logistics to send the product as soon as possible.

6. Tracking logistics

Our managers will keep track of the logistics of each order, communicate with you in a timely manner and help resolve your issues.

7. After-sales service

We have a dedicated after-sales service team, our products provide a one-year quality assurance, as long as your product quality problems caused by non-human error, we will provide you with timely after-sales service, if the product is damaged due to wrong operation, does not belong to the product quality problems, we will also provide reference advice, to provide solutions to the problems you encounter ideas. In short, the customer is God.